You and your group are on a hunt for ten pictures across Gatlinburg.

Each location can be found on foot! Using the provided clues, find each location and take a group photo. When you have located all ten locations and have photos, have one of your team members add them to ONE Instagram post with the ten pictures using the hashtag #CRWCscavenger.

 The winner will be announced later on in the day!

As a CRWC participant, remember that you are not only representing your church and this conference, you are also a representative of Christ. Please obey all laws and regulations. Be safe. Good luck and happy hunting!


1.   Get a picture in front of a huge skillet. (HINT: there is one across from the Blackbear Inn & Suites)

2.     You should probably get a picture here “believe it or not”!

3.     Earthquake!!!! In Gatlinburg?

4.     Seattle has one of these, but did you know Gatlinburg does too? Get a photo in front of it!

5.     A Pancake Pantry? No way!

6.     Hollywood transportation.

7.     Life is like a box of chocolates, but sometimes shrimp is better!

8.     It’s not a ski lift, because the first word is “sky”.

9.     Take a picture with a dinosaur.

10.   There’s a sign with “Crossroads” on it!