We see God do exceedingly more than we could ever ask as the years go on at Crossroads Winter Conference, and 2018 was no exception!

We held the biggest event in the history of Crossroads Winter Conference - over 1,500 students and leaders came together to learn, grow, and worship for four days, and it was four of the greatest days we could ever ask for! We saw hundreds of students respond to a call to ministry, and even more respond to the gospel for the very first time. Our attendees learned from challenging teaching, heard the stories of missionaries from around the world, and gave over $9,500 to the missions love offering. It was the best way to start 2018! 

Crossroads Winter Conference holds a special place in the heart of our ministry, and we can't wait to see what God is doing to do next year. Reserve your group's spots for 2019 before it's too late!

"Crossroads Winter Conference is something you don't want your students to miss out on. Crossroads is transparent, loving, and they will not miss an opportunity to teach truth. Not only will students get a lot out of it, you will as well."

Sam Jones, Northside Baptist Church